Porsche Roadside Assistance

Porsche Roadside Assistance

0800 4 PORSCHE (0800 4 767 724)

Porsche Roadside Assistance enables our valued customers access to 24 hour service support via a dedicated 0800 direct toll free line 365 days of the year.

Initiated as a standalone programme or in conjunction with the New or Approved Used Vehicle Warranty delivery date, Porsche owners or an authorised driver will receive immediate assistance to a range of benefits and services as detailed below.

Porsche Roadside Assistance

Porsche customers inconvenienced by an immobilised vehicle due to an unforeseen circumstance can obtain assistance and reassurance of a speedy resolution to the more frequent of problems.

Vehicle battery inoperative: Assistance will be provided to mobilise or transport the vehicle to an OPC due to a flat battery or battery failure.

Tyre Puncture: Assistance with the fitment of the vehicle’s original spare wheel at the roadside.

Insufficient Fuel Level: Five litres of fuel will be provided at no cost to vehicles which have unexpectedly run out en route.
Misplaced Vehicle Keys: Assistance will be provided to customers locked out of their vehicles. It may be necessary on later model vehicles with the security immobiliser system for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest dealer. Please note that with the level of vehicle security built into a Porsche, forced entry is not advisable or provided for under the programme. Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the owner if such a request is made and/or accepted by the owner.

Vehicle Transportation: Should your Porsche be immobilised as a result of mechanical failure Porsche Roadside Assistance will arrange, with the drivers approval, vehicle transportation to the nearest OPC or Approved Service Centre nominated at the discretion of European Motors Limited. If the vehicle requires up–lifting a taxi may be provided free of charge.*¹

Vehicles rendered immobilised more than one hundred (100) kilometres from the owners residence or those which cannot be rectified within twenty four (24) hours, Porsche Roadside Assistance will arrange up to two (2) nights’ accommodation*² or alternative travel arrangements or rental vehicle*³ with which to continue the journey.

Trailers i.e. boats, horse boxes, Jet Ski’s etc may be moved to a place of safety until such time as the owner is able to become repatriated. Storage and repatriation fees for towed vehicles will be the responsibility of the owner.

Owners may elect to be repatriated with their vehicle following repairs by an OPC where the centre is situated in excess of one hundred (100) kilometres from his or her residence.

*1: Taxi to the value of $65.00 maximum.
*2: Accommodation value to $150 (GST excluded) per night, maximum of two (2) nights.
*3: Rental Vehicle or Travel value to a maximum of $300 (GST excluded).

Miss-Fuelling, Accident, Theft, Vandalism and Collision Coordination

If the owner’s vehicle has been immobilised due to miss-fuelling, an accident, collision, vandalism, or theft, a Porsche Roadside Assistance professional will provide advice to the owner. Generally these costs are covered by insurance. On the instruction and cost of the owner Porsche Roadside Assistance will:

  • Arrange salvage or towing the vehicle from the scene to a place the owner requests
  • Arrange for temporary accommodation
  • Arrange alternative transport such as rental vehicle or taxi.

Alternative Transport Home

After a breakdown and in addition to the entitlements covered under this programme, Porsche Roadside Assistance can refer the driver and occupants to the booking agent with whom they can make suitable arrangements for their travel. Travel costs are owner’s responsibility.

Emergency Messages

After a breakdown Porsche Roadside Assistance can pass on messages to friends, relatives or work associates of the owner or driver to assist them with their personal or business arrangements.

Travel Directions

Should any owner become lost or require travel directions Porsche Roadside Assistance can provide help and instructions on how to reach the planned destination and advise of delays in arrival by way of message.

Emergency Windscreen Assistance

If a windscreen or glass is broken in the vehicle the owner or driver will be referred to the nearest OPC.

Conditions and Exclusions

Provision to the benefits and services provided by the Porsche Roadside Assistance programme are conditional to the following criteria.

  1. Programme acceptance and registration has been signed by the customer and received by European Motors Ltd in reasonable time of vehicle delivery.
  2.  All required vehicle servicing and general maintenance is performed by an OPC according to the maintenance schedule detailed in the Guarantee and Maintenance booklet supplied with the vehicle.

The following general exclusions will apply to the Porsche Roadside Assistance programme:

  1. Vehicles used for hire or reward
  2.  Vehicles used in motor racing, rallies, speed or duration testing or any practice thereof.
  3. Claims arising from the loss or damage to the contents of the vehicle.
  4. Claims arising from damage caused through the forced entry in an attempt to recover locked keys, whereby the owner/driver has been fully briefed on the situation by Porsche Roadside Assistance staff or the provider in attendance, and the owner/driver has subsequently agreed to indemnify Porsche Roadside Assistance our service provider and European Motors Limited against any damage caused during entry.
  5. Claims arising from a recurring electrical or mechanical fault resulting from improper maintenance or servicing where a known fault and repair has been neglected.
  6. Where the vehicle is disabled by floods, snow affected roads, or is not accessible due to other adverse conditions.
  7. Vehicles bogged in off road conditions and not easily accessible by normal two wheel drive recovery vehicles.
  8. Vehicles located off public roads (other than private residence).
  9. Unattended vehicles.

Official Porsche Centres (OPCs)

Giltrap Porsche: 100 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Telephone 09-920 0911, Facsimile 09-920 0912

Approved Body Repairers

Ray Hasler Autohaus Limited: 9 Virginia Avenue, Eden Terrace, Auckland
Telephone 09-373 5294, Fax: (09) 366 4563

Evans European Limited: 353 Church Street, Penrose, Auckland
Telephone 09-636 5004, Fax: (09) 634 7228

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